And The Voice Became Space

by Chrs Galarreta

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The voice and the word as a flowing space: This generative piece was originally created as a 6 channel sound-installation, titled “Kanichu Manchu Icha Llullacunichu”, it is a recording of my voice repeating the old Quechua phrase that the piece is named after. The acoustic mutation of the voice and the phrase was conceived to be experienced as a slow-changing continuous sound space in order to produce an effect of timelessness in the perception of the listener in the space where it is being played. This process is auto-generated by an algorithm running a Pure Data patch during the performance, and the results are never the same twice.

The literal translation of the original Quechua phrase is: “I am here, I am not here, I lie”. The piece was created for “La Grande Exposition D’Art Sonore” (Plataforme Intermédia, Nantes 28/10 – 06/11-2012).The organizers (APO33) and the sponsors (Direction General of Education and Culture of the European Union) asked the participants some questions about Sound Art and I answered with this piece and a manifesto, as an ironic way of showing my refusal to conform to any kind of stereotypes or labels. This piece was censored by APO33, who omitted my credits in all of their publications about the exhibition. But you can find the original work and the original documentation of the exhibition in this link:

The stereo version for this release is a live recording performed in Rotterdam (home studio, 14/4/2015). Text by Christian Galarreta (Rotterdam, 4/2/2015). Composed, programmed and recorded by Galarreta. Cover design by Bobby Peru. Photos by Janneke van der Putten of Sechin arquological site (Casma-Peru, 29/12/2014).

Published by Fougère Musique


released April 1, 2016




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